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Get a customized list of influencers for your brand. Whether you’re looking for blog coverage from mommy bloggers, YouTube testimonials from beauty influencers, or user generated content from lifestyle bloggers on Instagram; we’ll research and deliver 200 highly curated contacts for your PR outreach efforts.

The influencer list will be delivered as a CSV within one week of purchase and will include influencer contact details, their email and social media URLs, and data on their audience including number of fans/followers and how frequently they post.

If you find that any of the contact information is out of date or incorrect, we will replace it with new contacts within 48 hours.

Getting started

What is your company/brand/product?
What type of influencers are you looking for?
(Examples: Mothers 21-35 in the US with more than 10,000 Instagram followers or Digital Nomads with a YouTube channel about travel)